Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murder in the Dark by Margaret Atwood

This is the first Margaret Atwood book that I've read. This is a series of short pieces, not linked together (I guess) but reflections of varied kinds...from childhood memories of the stark, indelible kind (making poison, playing murder in the dark, talking vampires) to things related to writing and bordering on the philosphical (role reversals, story lines, endings, taking a prop and building up disparate settings around it). I found the landscape quite intriguing and thought provoking. The time I spent with the book was around an hour (Its a short compilation). Some places, just some places, she reminds me of Doris Lessing - not the craft but the approach to the craft. (Where she discusses different story lines and the ever evasive happy ending). This is one of the first Canadian authors that I'm reading. I find her interesting - and clearly look forward to reading more of her fiction and essays.

Other reading updates - almost through with Balzac's short stories (paper) and mid way with Anton Chekhov's short stories (the wife - collection - on kindle and iphone). Infinite Jest stays where it was.

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