Friday, June 8, 2018

Fiction free days

I tried to keep the month of May free of fiction. Fiction engrosses me. Pulls me away from other things. Sort of a pleasure land. I can spend a lot of time there. I tried this in March too – the no-fiction month. It seemed to work out well, mostly. Of course, in March, there was the looking for and moving houses to be completed which left me with little time and energy to think too much about what I was reading.

May had other things. At the moment, tennis (May 1, Lesson day 1) has captured my imagination completely. It is exulting when the racket contacts with the ball with a beautiful sound, and so much better if it gets over the net. Such intensity of joy locked in so simple a thing! I ardently hope that my beginner enthusiasm will last long enough to pull me through the not-so-good days. There have been a few when the progress doesn't seem good enough. or when I feel I can't reset enough. It is still early days of what looks like a very long journey.

So, for the moment, I am satiated. I like it that I could read a bit all these months, and I like it that there is a limitless ocean of reading to look forward to. And I also like it that I can restrain myself (albeit with other delightful attractions) and not start running towards the tempting waves. What’s not to like?

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